I work with both adult and adolescent individuals, ages 10 and up. I specialize in men’s issues, including “midlife crisis”, sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Other things that individuals seek to address or treat in therapy are: depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, life transitions and relationship issues (to name a few). I provide a supportive and challenging environment where individuals can explore their past and present, gain new insight and move towards healing and growth.


I work with couples of all ages and sexual orientations, at any stage in their relationship. Some reasons couples start therapy are: infidelity, unsatisfying sex life, communication issues, desire for greater intimacy, conflict issues as well as collaborative separation. Some couples feel the need for a major overhaul and others might just need a tune up. My work with couples is based on an emotionally focused approach that is informed by attachment theory and is geared towards resolving conflict, improving communication and creating a deeper, more honest view of one another. The experiences each of you had growing up influence your current relationship dynamics, so we will spend some time exploring them and helping you decide which patterns are working great and which ones need to be kicked to the curb and replaced. Ultimately, we will be a team that works together to clean up the gunk so you can have the more functional, successful and happy relationship you really want.


You know what they say about not being able to choose your family, but we can choose if we’d like to work on it. The truth is that families are complicated systems that need a tweak every now and then. I work with families to help them decrease conflict, improve communication and understanding and generally improve the functioning of the family dynamic. We will explore the various roles each individual plays in the family system and find ways that those roles can be altered to achieve more peaceful and supportive connections between family members. I also work with parents on co-parenting issues.


I see clients Monday through Thursday at my Phinney Ridge office, please contact me for my current availability.